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HYDMECH Bandsaw Blades and Parts

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We provide bandsaw maintenance and repair services.
Quality aftermarket replacement parts are available for all HYDMECH Models.


FABTECH SOLUTIONS stocks a variety of Bandsaw Blades, Guides and Service Parts. We carry complete lines of bi-metal, grit and carbide tipped bandsaw blades as well as Chip Brushes, Drive Belts, Band Wheels and Coolant – we’ll find the part you need! As a certified dealer we can provide HYDMECH Replacement Parts at a low cost, while also providing experienced Service Engineers that can suggest aftermarket parts where applicable.

For reference we’ve included HYDMECH Service Manuals for all Band Saws and Cold Saws, our Parts Associates are familiar with the most common service items. If you can’t find the exact part number, we’re available to help!

Parts Associates are available from 9AM to 5pm EST Monday through Friday.

If it’s after hours or weekends, leave us a message and you’ll hear back on the next business day.

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HYDMECH Cold Saw Parts and Service

Cold Saws are available in manual, automatic and semi-automatic models with mitering capacities that include 90º, 45º right or left, 60º left, as well as 45º tilted head; ideal for metal cutting applications, involving ferrous and non-ferrous materials. HYDMECH Cold Saws provide the best cuts in the industry.
We provide replacement circular saw blades for all cold saw models, premium quality rigid HSS and Carbide Blades are available with expedited delivery.

HYDMECH Miter Bandsaw Parts and Service

Double Miter Bandsaws are great for cutting solids and tubing in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and many other alloys. Perfectly suited for general purpose medium duty metal sawing applications, the DM Series is often found in fabrication shops, trailer and handrail manufacturing.
We stock and supply Motor Wheels, Gaskets, Bandsaw Blades, Guides and parts for all DM Series Bandsaws. Our Service Engineers are available to help find the parts your need.

HYDMECH Vertical Tilt Bandsaw Parts and Service

V Series Bandsaws are available in automatic and semi-automatic models will efficiently cut both solid and structural material, extremely versatile for many different types of metal sawing applications. Heavy duty and high performance vertical tilt saws with the flexibility of cutting two-way miters.
We carry an assortment of hydraulic replacement parts for the V-Series Saws as well as replacement band saw blades and we offer expedited shipping on all parts.

HYDMECH M-Series Bandsaw Parts and Service

The M-Series are automatic horizontal bandsaws that provide exceptional miter cutting capability for typical heavy-duty applications, a powerful motor and gearbox with variable frequency drive to provide exceptional cutting performance across a wide range of materials.
We stock many components and parts to maintain M-Series Miter Bandsaws in good working condition, including electrical components that are prone to failure. Chat with us today and we’ll find what you need.

HYDMECH S-Series Horizontal Pivot Bandsaw Parts and Service

The S-Series Horizontal Pivot Band Saws are versatile, miter-cutting, scissors style machines designed for multiple medium duty applications at oil refineries and machine shops, fabrication shops, trailer manufacturers, automotive shops, and more. Saw models are available in manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic models, with the mitering capability up to 60º. Semi-automatic and automatic S-20 models feature environmentally-friendly “On-Demand” hydraulics and the S-20A model features a very accurate and quick material indexing ball screw.

Chat with us today and we’ll find what you need.

HYDMECH Horizontal Bandsaw Parts and Service

The H-Series bandsaws are designed for high-production, multi-shift production environments. Horizontal, guillotine style saws that are designed to handle the demands of fabricators, steel service centers and machine shops. The H-Series cuts solids , tubing, channels, angles and aircraft grade materials.
Electrical components and PLC Units are ready to be shipped, we understand the need to keep production metal saws in peak condition. Our Service Engineers can find and order the exact component needed.

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