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Returning your facility to full production is our primary goal. Our technicians work hard to effect repairs, diagnose and restore your equipment, working on-site in your facility. Common wear and tear reduces accuracy and effectiveness of production parts, our service and repair solutions will return your machine tools to their original tolerances.

Repair Your Press Brake On-Site

At Fabtech Solutions we service, then sell, so our machines represent what we have determined to be the best quality. We specialize in repair and service of many makes and models of fabricating machinery.

Press brakes are one of our specialties that we repair on a daily basis. Our experience and resources allow us to repair most press brakes. There are a few styles of press brakes that we encounter on a regular basis. The most common machine we repair is a servo press brake. Servo press brakes are the most accurate style of hydraulic press brake. Many Turkish press brakes are a servo style machine, such as:
  • Durma
  • Ermaksan
  • Baykal
  • Dener
  • Toscar
  • Accurpress
  • privately labeled Durma machines by JMT

These models are a servo style press brake and can be repaired or serviced by our service team. Some of these press brake builders also manufacture depth stop style machines that use a mechanical screw on top of each hydraulic cylinder to determine the press brakes bending point. Rocker Arm style press brakes are another style press brake that is very common and is mostly manufactured by Accurpress, a common machine we service and repair; distributed in the South by Capital Machine Technologies.

Another common press brake we service and one of the most recognizable press brake manufacturers in the industry that utilizes the servo style machine is Cincinnati Press Brake. Other press brake manufactures we service and repair are:

  • Piranha Press Brake
  • Cincinnati Press Brake
  • Standard Industrial
  • Primeline
  • Wysong
  • Pacific
  • Amada
  • Trumpf
  • LVD
  • Pullmax
  • Yawei
  • US Industrial
  • Gasparini
  • Bystronic
  • Betenbender
  • Knuth
  • Toyokoki

CNC press brakes need a way to input data. The definition of CNC is computer numerical control. Some press brake controls are proprietary. For example, Accurpress uses a few versions of press brake controls called an ETS 3000, ETS 100, ETS 200, ETS 2000 and a Vision control. Cincinnati and Amada press brakes use a proprietary control as well. Other press brake controls that are dominant in the industry are Delem, Cybelec, ESA, Hurco, and Automec. There are more but these are the most common.

Diagnostics and Maintenance

Press Brake can be extremely expensive and cost valuable production time. Regular maintenance and diagnostics is a necessary preventative tool to ensure your Press Brake continues to operate efficiently. By regularly checking a few key points on your Press Brake the operator can identify when the press brake needs maintenance.
  1. Visual Inspection of movable mechanical parts and Tooling
  2. Check the Ram Accuracy and Guiding System
  3. Examine the Electrical Equipment; connections, relays and terminal boxes on motor
  4. Inspect the Hydraulic Circuit; oil level as well as ensuring the oil is clean and free of debris or dirt

The Hydraulic Oil system should be cleaned and inspected every 2,000 hours of operation; our service engineers also offer the option of filtering the hydraulic oil instead of replacing.

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