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Four Advantages of a HYDMECH Band Saw

HYDMECH is at the top of the metal saw industry, they are behind everything from unique portable Circular Cold Saws to Horizontal Band Saws, straight cut off, and Vertical Band Saws. These dynamic miter saws cut metal and steel easily and efficiently, allowing for multiple applications in many industrial environments. The HYDMECH Double Miter Saw has found a permanent home in most metal fabrication and metalworking machine shops.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the proper band saw machine for your fab shop. The material challenges involved in cutting structural steel, such as I beams, channel and angle iron, pipe and tubing are important factors to consider. However, every fabrication shop knows it comes down to the lowest cost per cut. HYDMECH provides a profitable sawing solution and Fabtech Solutions is a trusted distributor. We feature Hyd-Mech product lines for metal and wood cutting band saw machinery, as well as horizontal and vertical style metal band saws.

  • Consider the material being cut

In order to determine the right cold cut saw for your shop, you have to consider the size of material you’ll be cutting and the type. As such, when making the selection, you’ll ensure that the cold saw has the right cutting capacity from the smallest to the largest sizes that you might want to cut. The saw also has to have the available feeds and the speed that will accommodate the various material applications you are using. Different materials are machined at different surface speeds. As such, be sure to ask the equipment suppliers the speed that is right for your product mix. Also, identifying the alloys you’ll be dealing with will help you choose the kind of coolant system that you will need, that is, flood or misting. A popular favorite among Hyd mech Cold Saws, is the P350 Cold Saw.

  • Production rates needed

If you are dealing with small production runs, say 100 pieces at a time, then you might want to get a manual machine. If you plan on cutting larger quantities of diverse materials, then a semi-automatic vertical saw will be more economical. And if your production is over 1000 pieces per go and the  product mix isn’t too diversified, then the right band saw for you is a fully automatic machine. A solid piece of equipment for automated production is Hyd mech’s V-18APC Vertical Bandsaw.

  • Cost Effective

The price of a new band saw depends on a variety of features, production rates and functionality. The more affordable band saws will have a smaller footprint and are manually operated, the HYDMECH S20 Miter Saw is a great example. Although, when setting your budget first consider the level of production required as you might set the budget too low only to find that saw is not quite enough for the job. Our Service Engineers have a large base of experience with many different types of production shops, make sure to Chat With Us and we’ll find the perfect machine for the job.

Many other metal cold saws are typically manufactured in Asia and Europe. That can make sourcing replacement parts or repairing malfunctions costly and time consuming. The industry level experience gathered by our Service Technicians allows us to effectively diagnose and repair a wide range of electric and hydraulic band saws. We stock a large variety of aftermarket replacement parts, band saw guide blades, bearings belts and band wheels; as well as sawing and coolant fluids. Whether it’s questions about blade selection, material factors or equipment type.

Our Team can help find the right tool for the job.

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