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The Quality of Trumpf Power Tools

TRUMPF Power Tools redefine industrial precision with unmatched quality and cutting-edge technology. Renowned for durability, these tools excel in drilling, fastening, and cutting applications. Crafted with meticulous attention, they withstand demanding environments, ensuring top-tier performance. In metal fabrication and construction, TRUMPF tools deliver unparalleled efficiency, empowering professionals with accuracy and speed.

A testament to precision engineering, these tools are a trusted investment, setting a benchmark for excellence in craftsmanship. Elevate your projects with the reliability and versatility that only TRUMPF Power Tools can provide. The TruTool series is a bestseller of TRUMPF. The company makes a host of sheet metal cutting power tools; including power nibblers and cutting shears as well as panel cutters.

  • The TRUMPF Power Nibbler revolutionizes sheet metal cutting with its precision and efficiency. This tool excels in contour cutting, allowing users to achieve intricate shapes effortlessly, reducing material waste and enhancing overall productivity in metal fabrication and construction projects.

  • TRUMPF Cutting Shears redefine sheet metal cutting, offering users a powerful and precise solution for straight cuts. With advanced technology and ergonomic design, these shears streamline workflows, providing efficiency and accuracy in metalworking applications while minimizing operator fatigue.

  • TRUMPF Slitting Shears excel in cutting straight lines and curves, providing users with a versatile tool for precise sheet metal processing. The advanced slitting mechanism ensures clean and accurate cuts, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring precision and flexibility in metal fabrication and manufacturing.

  • TRUMPF Seam Lockers redefine efficiency in sheet metal joining, enabling users to create strong and secure seams effortlessly. This tool streamlines the process of locking sheet metal edges, ensuring airtight and durable connections, making it an invaluable asset in HVAC and roofing applications for a seamless and efficient workflow.

  • TRUMPF Plate Bevelers enhance metal fabrication by effortlessly creating precise beveled edges. This tool ensures smooth transitions between metal plates, reducing welding time and enhancing weld quality. Ideal for industries such as shipbuilding and structural steel, TRUMPF Plate Bevelers contribute to increased efficiency and superior craftsmanship in metalworking projects.


TRUMPF TruTool TSC 100 Laser Slat Cleaner makes it possible for a single person to clean the slats of your plasma laser tables. An ergonomic design allows for comfortable use while the slat cleaner automatically adjusts to varying slag thickness. The TSC 100 improves the quality and productivity of sheet metal processing while eliminating the need of using a hammer or other hack to remove the steel slag.

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