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The Latest in TRUMPF Cutting Shears For Sale

The first metal shearing tool with a rechargeable battery capable of cutting sheet metal thickness of 2.5mm and stainless steel up to 1.5mm. The robust Li-ion Battery can be quick charged to 80% in under 30 minutes. The TRUMPF TruTool S250 has an extremely long runtime, up to 60% longer due to the Power-Head-Technology and brushless motor.

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The rechargeable TruTool S160 metal shear is continuously powered by a strong electrical motor allowing for speedy, precise, clean and burr-free cuts in straight and curved lines in plates and formed steel. TRUMPF combines a job proven design and a sturdy shear head to deliver unsurpassed maneuverability and versatility while maintaining excellent visibility of the cutting line when shearing to scribing.

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The TRUMPF TruTool S 250 cutting shear power tool is ideal for your mid-range power needs. It is fast and compact and with four-sided cutting blades it serves mid-range power needs very well. Among it’s many features are the ability to cut sheet metal without chipping. This TruTool has marvelous flexibility which you can harness to create unique curves during sheet metal processing.

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The TruTool S 450 is the largest and most powerful of the TRUMPF TruTool range of electrical-powered sheet metal cutting tools. It allows you to adjust its height easily to suit material thickness. The adjustment is tool-free and easy. With a simple turn of a knob, you can reset the height to enable you to cut metal sheets of different thickness gauges. This powerful tool guarantees you the highest quality processing even while cutting tough stainless steel!

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Now Offering Repair and Full Service on all TRUMPF TruTools

FABTECH SOLUTIONS has expanded our Service Department in order to better serve our customers and their Metal Fab Shops. Our Service Engineers are currently rebuilding and repairing TruTool Equipment, with our fully stocked parts department we’re prepared to diagnose and service any TRUMPF Power Tools.