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The cordless and compact TRUMPF TruTool N160 Power Nibbler is ideal for cutting flat and corrugated steel sheets of up to 1.6mm thick, cutting is corrosion and distortion free. With the optional available extension, you can always extend the range of applications and thus also cut deep profiles.

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The Battery Operated TRUMPF TruTool PN 201 Profile Nibbler is designed for durable operation and has a long lasting runtime. The 4AH rechargeable battery can cut up to 54 meters of mild steel with a sheet thickness of 1mm. Overall, the PN 201 can cut stainless steel and sheet metal up to 2mm thick, and is used for processing profile depths of up to 6.37 in. Also well-suited to C-L-U profiles.

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The TRUMPF TruTool PN200 Profile Nibbler is among the first cordless models, with an 18V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery and the ability to cut mild steel thicknesses of up to 2mm, even in the case of double sheets. With the 4AH rechargeable battery up to 54 meters in mild steel can be cut in one charge.

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The TRUMPF TruTool N 200 Power Nibbler is the perfect sheet metal tool for any roofing and siding project. Obviously, not limited to roofing and siding, this sheet metal nibbler is electrically powered and designed with a comfortable grip. It is an ideal sheet metal cutting tool for artists and contractors alike.

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The Cordless TRUMPF TruTool N200 Power Nibbler has the ability to cut flat and corrugated steel sheets of up to 2mm thick, using the Li-ion Rechargeable 18V Battery you can cut up to approx 40 meters in mild steel with one battery charge. The Quick Recharge capable base will restore up to 80% charge in 30 minutes.

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The TRUMPF TruTool N 350 Power Nibbler is a great example of a handheld power nibbler. Lightweight and portable, this durable sheet metal tool has been ergonomically designed to ensure optimum comfort during handheld operation. It has three cutting directions to ensure coverage of hard to reach jobs and perfect nibbling during both the straight and also curved cutouts.

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The TRUMPF TruTool N 500 Power Nibbler is a powerful metal nibbler that is ideal for tank disassembly, containers and general demolition. This power nibbler has the ability to cut bends up to 90 degrees and doubled metal sheets, it can also cut in all four directions. This metal cutting power tool has all the advantages needed to get the job done.

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The TRUMPF TruTool N 700 Power Nibbler is a portable and light weight metal cutting tool, weighing in at only 18lbs, this tool is great for overhead and hard to reach areas. The overall design of this power nibbler is exceptional, aside from the comfortable ergonomic design, the handle can be rotated and locked into 3 different positions.

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The TRUMPF TruTool N 1000 Power Nibbler was specially designed for use with thick sheet metals, stainless steel and plate metal. Its primary use is in dismantling containers and tanks, but also during container construction as well. It’s ability to cut over edges, weld seams and through double sheets. This is a powerful nibbler that will find a use in any metal fabrication shop.

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The TRUMPF TruTool PN 201 Profile Nibbler is excellently suited for handling rough corrugated steels. A universal nibbler, this metal cutting power tool is prepared to handle trapezoidal shapes, profile cuts, corrugated and even thicker stainless steel. Curve flexibility is one of the strongest attributes that this power nibbler possess, the tool can be rotated in a 360 degree direction.

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The TRUMPF TruTool PN 200 Profile Nibbler is a smaller hand held power nibbler that is made to reach hard angles and tight corners. Ideally suited to trapezoidal shapes this power nibbler’s ability to outperforms the competitors is unmatched. No sparks and no distortion on the workpiece are important factors when considering metal processing tools.

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FABTECH SOLUTIONS has expanded our Service Department in order to better serve our customers and their Metal Fab Shops. Our Service Engineers are currently rebuilding and repairing TruTool Equipment, with our fully stocked parts department we’re prepared to diagnose and service any TRUMPF Power Tools.