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TruTool N 500 Power Nibbler

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The TRUMPF TruTool N 500 Power Nibbler is a powerful metal nibbler that is ideal for tank disassembly, containers and general demolition. This power nibbler has the ability to cut bends up to 90 degrees and doubled metal sheets, it can also cut in all four directions. This metal cutting power tool has all the advantages needed to get the job done.

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Benefits of the TruTool N 500 Power Nibbler

This means improved handling, and makes the tool unique in the performance class for steel sheets up to 5 mm. Moreover, you can pull the tool toward yourself in the horizontal plane, which is ideal for cutting coils. Or you can guide the nibbler vertically from top to bottom with very little force. Our TruTool N 500 is intended for dismantling tanks and containers. It also cuts workpieces with bends of up to 90°, and doubled sheets. With the TruTool N 500 you can cut in all four cutting directions; that is, including backwards.

A nibbler for all directions

  • Multi-directional in 4 directions: forward, reverse or either side
  • Best weight / performance ratio
  • Reverse cutting makes it ideal for cut-off of wide coils
  • Machine available as electric-version


  • Metal fitting shops/Recesses and fitting work
  • Disassembly of tanks and containers
  • Roof and fasade construction
  • Container construction
  • Car-body shops


Profile NibblerTruTool N 500 (230V)TruTool N 500 (110V)
Max. material thickness
  • Steel 400 / mm²
5 mm5 mm
  • Steel 600 / mm²
3.2 mm3.2 mm
  • Steel 800 / mm²
2.5 mm2.5 mm
  • Aluminium 250 / mm²
7 mm7 mm
Working speed1.5 m/min1.5 m/min
Start hole diameter41 mm41 mm
Smallest radius90 mm90 mm
Rated input power1400 W1140 W
Strokes at nominal load720 RPM570 RPM
Weight (electrical version: without cable, cordless version: with battery)4 kg4 kg
Accessories included
Punch 5 / P5integrated
Die 5integrated
GripTruTool N 500 pneumatic0257239
GripTruTool N 5000974659
Hex head wrenchDIN 911-40067849
Tube grease “G1”25 g0344969
Carrying caseDIN 911-4included
Additional accessories
Punch 5 / P5(1 piece, 1451224)(set of 5, 1453365)
Punch CR 2 / 3(set of 2, 1453366)(set of 5, 1453367)
Die CR 2 (up to 2 mm)(1 piece 1884952)(set of 2, 1264189)
Die CR 3 (up to 3 mm)(1 piece 1884951)(set of 2, 1264172)
Die 5(1 piece, 1884930)(set of 2, 1264132)
Die P5(1 piece, 0975462)(set of 2, 1264150)
Punch guide(1 piece 0975460)(set of 2, 1264364) (set of 5, 1264365)
1 Stück 18849282er-Set 1884928
1 Stück 18849282er-Set 1884928
Options (accessories)
Chip bag0103557
Spare parts set standard (2 x punches 5 / P5, 1 x die 5)0975586
Spare parts set P5 (1 x punch 5 / P5, 1 x die P5)0975585
Punch and nibble oil for steel500 ml bottle0103387
Punch and nibble oil for aluminum1000 ml bottle0125874
Hanging hook0097208


Operators Manual
Spare Parts
Motor Parts

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