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TRUMPF Power Tool Replacement Parts & Repair

Service First is always our priority, now FABTECH SOLUTIONS is offering TRUMPF Power Tool Repair Services for all TruTool series equipment. Our Service techs are available for tool repair and troubleshooting. With a complete supply of power tool replacement parts we have the resources to rebuild, diagnose and service all TRUMPF Power Tools.

Offering Full Service and Repair on all TRUMPF TruTool Equipment.

Our Service Engineers provide top-quality repair with genuine TRUMPF Replacement Parts.


Our expert Service Engineers are manufacturer trained and on call for emergency repairs. They will initially diagnose the cause of the problem and suggest repairs while also performing preventative maintenance. Regular service and maintenance is an important factor in the life of your TRUMPF Power Tool equipment. We only service the power tools that need it and suggest repairs when they are necessary. FABTECH SOLUTIONS wants to keep your power tools working smoothly and your job site running effectively.

Service Technicians are available from 8AM to 5PM EST Monday through Friday.

Fill out the form below and ship it with your tool. We’ll contact you when we receive it and won’t begin repairs until after your quote.


With access to our stock of TruTool replacement parts, our service engineers are able to quickly rebuild any power tools. A factory certified rebuild will ensure the life of your TRUMPF power tools for many years to come. Our goal is to keep your shop in production at all times, proper servicing is an important consideration. Our Service Engineers will take the time to thoroughly inspect and diagnose your tool, if needed we’ll also suggest improvements and preventative maintenance that will increase the life and productivity of your shop and metalworking tools.

With our work comes our guarantee, all our TruTool repair service is performed to customer satisfaction. Our maintenance contracts will ensure your power tools and sheet metal equipment are always performing at their best. Our Service Engineers are frequently on call and available to troubleshoot issues over the phone as well. FABTECH SOLUTIONS always goes the extra mile, to ensure the metal shops we support are always in full production. Give us a call today and let’s schedule repair service for TRUMPF Power Tools.