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Cordless TruTool C 200 Shear (Li-ion Battery)

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The TRUMPF TruTool C200 is a specialized shear and an ideal addition to a fabrication shop. The rechargeable battery allows for an above average runtime. The 18V battery can separate mild steel sheet thickness of up to 2mm and fold thickness up to 3.6mm; including stainless steel sheets up to 1.5mm.

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The Rechargeable TruTool C 200 Slitting Shear (Li-ion 18V Battery) For Sale

The Cordless Trumpf C200 Li-ion 18V rechargeable metal shear is particularly well-suited to cutting tasks and features an open cutting head. A chip clipper is not necessary with this model of metal shear. You can achieve an extraordinary amount of power when cutting spiral ducts. The tool set used for spiral ducts, which consists of toothed cutting blades and a robust SC cutter, is capable of fold thicknesses of up to 3.6 mm with mild steel and enables both longitudinal sections and cross-sections.

Trumpf offers six different cutting sets and blades to increase the versatility of this metal slitting shear. The Set Spiro is perfect for cutting spiral ducts and can even cut sheet thicknesses of up to 3.6 mm. The Set HighSpeed enables you to process sheet thicknesses of 1.5 – 2 mm. The focus here is on speed, with a slightly reduced cutting quality. If you are cutting visible edges, we recommend the Set HighQuality for 1.5 – 2 mm or the Set ThinSheet for up to 1.5 mm. Use the Set CR if the focus is on processing stainless steel, and the Set Curves for tight curves and radii from R 45 / L 80.

C200’s Best Features:

  • 3 different cutting blades allow for specialization
  • Open cutting head, without chip clipper, enables the machine to pull easily out of the sheet
  • Power-Head-Technology and brushless motor allows for a 60% longer battery runtime

Cutting Ranges with Li-ion Battery

  • Separate Mild Steel Sheet Thicknesses up to 2mm up to approx 15 meters
  • 2 Ah rechargeable battery cuts in mild steel and sheet thicknesses of 1.5 mm up to approx. 50 meters
  • Fold steel thickness up to 3.6mm
  • Double these runtimes with the 4AH 18V Rechargeable Battery


TruTool C 200 Li-Ion 18 V
Maximum sheet thicknesses

Spiral duct steel 400 N/mm²

4 x 0,9 / 6 x 0,6 mm

Spiral duct steel 600 N/mm²

4 x 0,6 mm


Smallest radius

150 mm


Working Speed

3 m/min – 10 m/min

Starting hole diameter

8 mm


18 V


Weight (with 2 Ah rechargable battery)

2.3 kg

Weight (with 4 Ah rechargable battery)

2.6 kg


Operators Manual
Spare Parts
Motor Parts

TRUMPF Slitting Shears

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