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Bahco Replacement Saw Blades

We now offer the complete Bahco Bandsaw Blade assortment. Whether cutting low alloy steel or aerospace alloys, Bahco offers bandsaw blades to fit all your applications. Bahco Bandsaw Blades are engineered to handle different cutting applications whether it be solids, tubes or structural shapes. If your shop needs to cut faster, straighter or lower your cost per cut, utilize Bahco’s technical support to improve your sawing operations.

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Bahco Saw Blades have been a standard in metal cutting bandsaws for a great many years, while always using high quality steel. Bahco provides long life blades suitable for an assortment of metal sawing operations and will provide an impressive cost per cut ratio. Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades are ideal for fast, efficient cutting of tubes and profiles, contour applications as well. Carbide Bandsaw blades provide a high performance yield with steel backing and carbide grades across a wide variety of applications.


Bahco Metal Cutting Bandsaws and Carbide Blades are ideal when cutting difficult and abrasive materials, or when working with large, difficult to cut pieces. These high-quality blades are engineered for superior cutting performance, delivering clean, precise cuts every time. With a durable construction and advanced tooth design, Bahco bandsaw blades offer unmatched durability and longevity, ensuring that you can rely on them for even the toughest cutting jobs.

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Metal Cutting with Bahco Bandsaw Blades

General Purpose Metal Cutting Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade 3851 Contour & Small Machine

The General Purpose Bandsaw Blades are ideal for smaller machines and tight contours. The wide range of tooth styles will fit many applications such as solids, bundles, even profiles and castings and will work across a range of materials from aluminum to stainless steel. The tooth geometry was specially designed to maximize cutting performance.

Metal Cutting Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade (High Performance) 3851 Sandflex® Cobra™

The Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blade with the most flexible solution for production cutting, with a new and improved high speed tool edge making the bandsaw blade both tougher and harder. The geometry with a variable teeth pattern maximize’s cutting performance while generating less vibrations, creating less heat and better wear resistance.

Sandflex® Top Fabricator Bandsaw Blades 3853 Sandflex® Top Fabricator

The Top Fabricator is the ideal Bandsaw Blade for cutting of structural steel, tubes and profiles. The HSS tooth material is designed for long tool life and increase cost per cut ratio. The Special PF tooth shape reduces out of square cutting, stripped teeth and vibration while preventing pinching and consequently less broken blades. This bandsaw blade is particularly well suited to mitre or angle cutting, the double set makes the teeth stronger and more resistant to stripping.

Metal Cutting Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade (Special and Difficult Alloys) 3854 Sandflex® King Cobra™ PQ

The PQ series of Bandsaw Blades are high-precision milled with an extreme rake angle for difficult to cut materials and special alloys. The fatigue resistant backing material and HSS tooth tips offer the best performance and cost per cut ratio in the PQ Series. The special design combination of sharp cutting edges allow for easy penetration into the material operation.

Triple Chip Carbide Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blade (Difficult and Abrasive Materials) 3868 Carbide Triple Set® TSX

The triple-set tooth design and good kerf clearance helps eliminate unnecessary wear and tooth loss while also eliminating vibration. The carbide design is ideal for high efficiency cutting of difficult and abrasive materials. The carbide tips and 10 degree rake angle allows for faster cutting and increased productivity.

Carbide Triple Set® Bandsaw Blades 3868 Carbide Triple Set® TSS

This carbide bandsaw blade is designed specifically for stainless steel cutting. The triple set tooth design and positive kerf clearance help eliminate tooth loss. The kerf clearance allows for easy chip removal while maintaining a strong set pattern for good swarf clearance and longer tool life. The saw blade edges can withstand high impact forces from bandsawing without breaking or chipping.

Carbide Triple Set® Foundry Bandsaw Blades 3869 Carbide Triple Set®

Carbide Foundry Bandsaw Blade ideal for cutting applications involving non-ferrous and abrasive materials. The Foundry Bandsaw Blade is fast cutting and easy feeding perfect for aluminium, gates and risers, magnesium, zirconium, beryllium, bronze, copper, abrasive materials and even plastics. The blade is specially designed for Foundry Use and straight or radius cutting and usage. The ergonomic design chips away from the machine operator.

THQ Multi Chip Carbide Bandsaw Blades 3881 Carbide Multi Set THQ

The multi Carbide Set has a 6 tooth pattern with 2 set levels, it is designed to for difficult to cut materials. The pattern and grind set improves chip removal and increases blade life. The Quad Grind enables cutting of scaled surfaces, enabling the blade to perform extremely well when cutting titanium alloys, aerospace alloys, stainless steel, high nickel chrome alloys and abrasive tool steel.

THS Multi Chip Carbide Bandsaw Blades 3881 Carbide Multi Set THS

Exact same blade as the THQ however the THS uses a patented method eliminating run in. The design of the Quad Grind and Tooth set reduces vibration and allows for extremely low noise levels, eliminating vibration in the first cut. The blade is designed to reduce tooth strippage on breakthrough and will work very well on difficult to cut material. The THS Bandsaw Blade is primarily used for stainless steel.

TMC Multi Chip Unset Carbide Bandsaw Blades 3860 Unset Carbide TMC

The Multi Chip unset carbide bandsaw blade performs extremely well when cutting solids and blocks, 718 and other high temperature alloys, stainless steel and aluminum. The unset teeth provide a superior surface finish, long life and eliminate secondary operations. The special grade of carbide tooth material provides maximum life and cutting performance, while making it perfect for plate sawing of titanium blocks.

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