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Piranha's New Plasma Tables

The team at MegaFab has created an affordable plasma table that is durable and tough enough for all your metal fabrication needs. The Piranha Plasma Table was designed for top-notch cut quality and is delicate enough to cut intricate shapes with ease. These CNC Plasma Tables are built with reliability and economy in mind and have been a stable design in worldwide production for more than 20 years. Proven-tough machines that use the best mechanical components available to ensure precision and reliability throughout their service life.  This special combination of durability and cost efficiency provides maximum value for steel processors. Whether you are cutting sheet metal or plate metal Piranha's CNC Plasma Tables are the solution.

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Megafab’s new B-Series Plasma Table is more affordable than previous models, its a perfect addition to your machine shop. This Piranha B-Series Table retains a lot of the high end features found on the C-Series table. While trimming the extra features that are not needed when performing lighter duty cutting cycles.
The Piranha C-Series Plasma Table utilizes high performance Panasonic Servo Motors and Drives that will easily run full production for many years to come. These 400 watt Servo Motors ensure high quality cuts and complete accuracy through the life of the equipment. The Piranha C-Series CNC Plasma Table is a reliable plasma cutting solution, perfect for a broad range of metal processing applications.

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Piranha Megafab provides multiple metal cutting solutions to increase productivity at your metal fab shop. Plasma Tables and Fiber Lasers have unique and different approaches to processing sheet metal and fabrication in general. Piranha solutions include our tough yet affordable C Series plasma tables, precision HD Plasma tables, 1kW to 2.5kW L Series fiber LASERs, powerful PlateLASER fiber LASER, and incomparable multitasking Piranha combination machines.

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Technical SpecsAir PlasmaHD PlasmaCombo Punch/PlasmaL-Series Laser (1-2.5kW)M-Series Laser (4-6kW)P-Series Laser (6-12kW)
Parts Per Shift

11 ga steel

1/4″ steel

1/2″ steel

3/4″ steel













1.5kW    2.5kW

480(O2)   740(N2)

220(O2)   370(O2)

50(O2)    160(O2)

N/A      60(O2)

4kW    6kW

1150(O2)   1270(N2)

480(O2)    660(O2)

220(O2)    310(O2)

125(O2)    165(O2)

6kW     12kW

1315(O2)   2600(N2)

750(O2)    1530(O2)

320(O2)    440(O2)

175(O2)    180(O2)

Operating Costs


$5/hr$15/hr$15/hr$35/hr (N2)

$5/hr (O2)

$35/hr (N2)

$6/hr (O2)

$35/hr (N2)

$7-$8/hr (O2)

Key AdvantagesLow Investment

Low Operating Costs

High Quality Plasma Cuts

Fastest Speeds in thick material

Punch, cut, form, mark, drill and tap all in one step

Eliminates downstream operations

Great value machine for new laser users

Makes lasers affordable for low volume production

Productive workhorse machine for a wide range of material types and thicknessHigh production machine up to 12kW

Offering the fastest cycle times in the world

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