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Our Inventory of Mandrel Benders For Sale

Ercolina’s Semi-Automatic TB80 Mandrel Bender is ideal for prototype or small production mandrel bending applications. The bending head adjusts horizontally to maintain a centerline radius allowing the table to remain stationery.
Ercolina’s GB130 CNC Giga Bender is a fully automated mandrel machine capable of bending steel tube up to five inches in diameter. The programmable auto mandrel positioning allows the operator to optimize extraction for improved bend quality.
Ercolina’s GB200 CNC Giga Bender is the perfect mandrel bending machine for industrial bending of tube , pipe, square and rectangular profiles to center line radius as small as 1.3 x diameter; with a maximum tube capacity of six and half inches.
Ercolina’s GB100CNC Giga Bender is the ideal mandrel bender for material applications involving tube, pipe, square and rectangular profiles to a center line radius as tight as 1.5 x diameter. Large radii tooling is also available.
Ercolina’s Erco Bender 65 comes equipped with a 3 axis mandrel bender with an extended bending head capable of bending complex shapes and profiles; the EB65 will consistently produce quality bends in steel, stainless, aluminum, titanium and brass.
Ercolina’s Mega Bender 030 with mandrel system is perfect for small production mandrel bending applications. The 030 mandrel bender is ideal for bending handrail, stainless steel and thin wall mild steel. Pictures with a 10′ Table.

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