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Ercolina Tube and Pipe Benders

FABTECH SOLUTIONS’s proudly represents Ercolina’s line of affordable tube and pipe benders, mandrel benders, rotary draw benders and related metalworking machinery. These pipe bending machines are designed to reliably and accurately produce your applications by lowering production costs and improving product quality.

The Benefits of an Ercolina Pipe Bender

The improved design of Ercolina’s Tube and Pipe Bender is more rugged and versatile than traditional outdated “swing arm” technology. The bending axis is positioned directly beneath and supporting the pressure die, eliminates the need for tie bars and prevents material slippage. The bending force exerted by the spindle is resisted by the pressure die which is monitored and continuously adjusted automatically for consistent pressure throughout the bend cycle.

Ercolina bending machines possess an innovative head design and accurate NC control which gives the semi-automatic line of mandrel benders the ability to eliminate welds, elbows, and seams with quality bends. The durable and sturdy steel construction is complimented with a precise computerized interface allowing the CNC bending machines the ability to create quality mandrel bends every time, even when your bending application requires complex or tight-radius bends.

Ercolina’s powered indexing carriage advances and rotates the work piece between bends. Primarily the carriage is a material handling mechanism positioning the work piece for each bend just as accurately as the carriage of a CNC bender. One of the most important benefits of the powered carriage on a larger bender is powered loading, positioning, and unloading of heavy work pieces, especially when the pipe or tube must be drawn many feet over a snug fitting mandrel.


Tube and Pipe Benders

Rotary draw benders are essential machines for bending tube, pipe and solids for material applications like: handrails, elbows, and wall returns, furniture and sign frames, custom vehicle parts such as roll cages, brush bars, nerf bars, light racks, running boards and much more. Ercolina rotary draw benders create aesthetically pleasing bends when the right tooling is matched to the application. The compact powerful design provides large bending capacity and without using precious shop floor space. Ercolina machines are manufactured with top of the line components and are very durable; offering you peace of mind for many years of bending production.

Angle Rollers and Section Benders

Ercolina’s Angle Rollers support a multitude of small to large diameter tube and pipe sizes and extruded profiles. These benders are programmable and can be positioned to bend in both horizontal and vertical positions for the greatest convenience when bending. Furthermore, this means that regardless of the bending application you’ll have no problem getting the results you need. The CE40 pyramid rollers will boost productivity and take your projects to the next level. The Ercolina Section Bender is suitable for a multitude of projects, but its compact design makes our machine easier to operate and position in your shop compared to similar section bending machines on the market.

Mandrel Bending Machines

Ercolina Mandrel Benders are more rugged and versatile than traditional outdated “swing arm” technology. The bending axis is positioned directly beneath and supporting the pressure die, eliminating the need for a tie bar and prevents material slippage. The Giga Bender Series internal design incorporates large spindle and bearing diameters insuring the greatest rigidity. Ercolina CNC mandrel tube benders are engineered using today’s state of the art technology and machine tool standards. Capacities are rated in material size as well as section modulus enabling your machine shop to determine the true capacity for material applications. If you’re considering purchasing a heavy duty tube, pipe or profile mandrel bending machine, you’ll want the Ercolina advantage.





Mild Steel Pipe
1½″ Sch. 402″ Sch. 402½″ Sch. 40 
Grade B
3″ Sch. 404″ Sch. 406″ Sch. 40

Stainless Steel Pipe
1¼″ Sch. 101½″ Sch. 402½″ Sch. 102½″ Sch. 403″ Sch. 804″ Sch. 80

Mild Steel
Square Profile
1½″ x 1½″ x ⅛″2″ x 2″ x ⅛″2½″ x 2½″ x ⅛″3½″ x 3½″ x ⅛″4″ x 4″ x ⅛″4″ x 4″ x ¼″

Mild Steel Rectangular
Profile (Easy Way)
¾″ x 1½″ x .120″1″ x 2″ x .120″2″ x 3″ x .125″2″ x 4″ x .187″2″ x 4″ x .250″2″ x 4″ x .250″

Mild Steel Rectangular
Profile (Hard Way)
1½″ x ¾″ x .120″2″ x 1″ x .120″3″ x 2″ x .125″4″ x 2″ x .120″4″ x 2″ x .187″4″ x 2″ x .250″

Mild Steel
Solid Rod


FABTECH SOLUTIONS has provided tooling information and bending resources for Ercolina Benders. Ensuring high quality replacement parts and service resources is an essential component for prolonging the life and effectiveness of your metal fabrication equipment and machinery. Materials are shown for reference purposes only; please contact our Service Department with any questions or concerns.