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Cordless TruTool C 160 Shear

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The TRUMPF TruTool C160, without chip clipper, will be an ideal addition to a fabrication shop. The rechargeable battery allows for an above average runtime. The 2Ah battery cuts around 70 meters in 400 N/mm2 mild steel at a sheet thickness of 0.31 inch. You can even double this service life with the 4 Ah battery.

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The Rechargeable TruTool C 160 Slitting Shear (Li-ion Battery) For Sale

The Cordless Trumpf C160 Shear is particularly well-suited to cutting tasks without chip clipping during the cutting process. For example if you are cutting straight sheets to length or for curved cutting. A handheld metal shear, it is well-suited for straight, distortion-free cuts and C-L-U profiles.

You can use the speed control to adjust the working speed to suit the individual cutting task. This provides a variable cutting speed of up to 29.5 feet per minute. The speed control is highly efficient for work with scribed lines or with a template. It is also well-suited to frequent processing of radii and stainless steel. The electronic overload protection offers yet another notable benefit.

Accurate starting and cutting

  • Light weight, ergonomic, handy
  • Small start hole diameter
  • Machine available as electric version as well Li-Ion-battery


  • Ventilation works and climate control technology (Spiral-seam tubes)
  • House-front construction
  • Construction, including separation of C-L-U profiles
  • Plumbers
  • Coil-application


Maximum sheet thicknesses
Maximum sheet thickness, steel up to 400 N/mm² 1.6 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, steel up to 600 N/mm² 1.2 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, aluminum up to 250 N/mm² 2 mm
Spiral duct steel 400 N/mm² 4 x 0,63 mm
Smallest radius 90 mm
Working Speed 5 m/min – 9 m/min
Idle run stroke rate 4300 RPM
Starting hole diameter 15 mm
Voltage 10.8 V


Operators Manual
Motor Parts

TRUMPF Slitting Shears

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