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When Bandsaw Blades Fail & Maintenance Tips

There are many reasons that a Bandsaw Blade fails. In many cases it could simply be improper usage or other wear factors that create a premature failure during a sawing operation. Most failures are often preventable, although technical problems such as the wear factor are unavoidable, it is still possible to lessen the causes for this type of failure. It’s important that operators are familiar with the various reasons for technical failures and the proper settings for the type of applications needed. In other words, proper operator training is an important factor that determines the life of the Bandsaw Blade.

FABTECH SOLUTIONS is offering replacement Bandsaw Blades for all your metal working applications.


The best way to reduce downtime and increase production is to ensure your saw blade is working properly. While there are many common causes for blade failure a distinction must be made between normal wear and severe premature wear. Unnaturally fast wear is influenced by a number of factors during the saw process, such as material designation and strength, microstructure and material dimensions. Material hardness is directly related to higher cutting temperatures and therefore premature wear as well.


  • Blade speed is too fast for material generating high heat at tips causing rapid wear.
  • Feed rate is too low causing teeth to rub material instead of cut.
  • The material being cut is hardened or abrasive. (i.e. Fiberglass abrasive)
  • Excessive blade tension
  • Guide is too tight, hardening the blade and causing cracks.
  • Chip brush is not cleaning teeth properly
  • Band speed is too fast creating high temperatures
  • Tooth pitch is too fine for material causing there to be not enough chip clearance
  • Excessive feed pressure is producing extra large chips for gullet size
  • Chip brush is not working, adjusted, or missing
  • Coolant problems
  • Material is not positioned or clamped properly, or there is movement of material during cut


FABTECH SOLUTIONS is now shipping Replacement Bandsaw Blades for all HYDMECH Bandsaws. Whether its chipped teeth or poor performance during your sawing operations, a new Bandsaw Blade can increase performance. Our Service Engineers are available to answer any questions to make sure you find the perfect Replacement Blade. We have a large stock of Replacement Bandsaw Blades available as well as a knowledgeable staff to make sure you get the perfect replacement.

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