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How To Use a Piranha P90 Ironworker

P90 Ironworker with Attachments Operational Video

Video Transcript

This is John at FABTECH SOLUTIONS and today we’re going to be demonstrating a Piranha P90 Ironworker. This is our Punching Station, where we can also bend material. The Dovetail pulls off and can be replaced with a Press Brake Attachment. There is also a Pipe Notch with another attachment. We’re going to demonstrate punching holes. (00:21 – 00:33)

One of my favorite features of the Piranha Ironworker is the quick tool change right here on this Dovetail. If you want to change over to a Bending Attachment, just quickly loosen this bolt, it comes right off and put on your press brake attachment to start bending. (00:40 – 00:50)

This is the shearing part of the machine. We’ve got an Angle ShearFlat Bar Shear and Round Stocks here. We can adjust this hold down as well. Let me explain the hold down real quick, remember in grade school when you took your plastic scissors and tried to cut a pencil and the scissors twisted. The Hold Down prevents that, the material is not going to twist and if it does you’ll damage the entire machine so this hold down right here is going to keep your material from warping and getting a bad cut. We’re going to adjust this hold down according to the thickness of the metal. This is some thin gauge material, we’re going to take our sheet metal and put it against this backstop. You can easily see where you want to cut it now. If you put a scribe line in here, you can easily see it and make your cut. (01:00 – 01:48)

First, we’re going to adjust our Backgauge right here, this is a manual three foot backgauge and also comes in electric, where we can better automate this cut if we were doing multiple cuts. Let’s adjust this manual backgauge, we’ll loosen it up real quick and bring it closer to the machine. Finally, tighten it up and come back over here. Let’s slide our material in against the backstop and hit our foot pedal. Now watch that backstop… and here’s our material, we have a perfect cut, no burrs and a good measurement. (01:50 – 02:42)

Another great feature of the P90 Piranha Ironworker is its Notching Station. Here we got this safety guard and we’re going to flip this up. Next we have these protractors, if you want to get precise with how you’re cutting. Piranha specifically designed these blades to have a low rake angle so that we’re not pinching our fingers when we go to do a weld prep. I’m going to demonstrate something with some angle iron which if you’re making a rack this would make sense. So I’ve scribed a line here and we’re going to notch this on the line. As you can see, a good clean cut… (02:45 – 03:26)


Let’s say we wanted to do a weld prep with this material and make a cut on a 45 degree angle, so normally you would expect the material to come up but given the low rake angle Piranha Ironworker does not do that. We can easily make these angle cuts without any kind of safety issue. If you were preparing to weld make some racks and join these two angles, its easy to get them together now. (03:28 – 04:00)


That was a quick overview and demonstration of the P90 Piranha Ironworker. Check out our selection of Piranha Ironworkers, where you can find all our models. (04:05 – 04:28)


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