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TruTool N 1000 Power Nibbler

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The TRUMPF TruTool N 1000 Power Nibbler was specially designed for use with thick sheet metals, stainless steel and plate metal. Its primary use is in dismantling containers and tanks, but also during container construction as well. It’s ability to cut over edges, weld seams and through double sheets. This is a powerful nibbler that will find a use in any metal fabrication shop.

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Durable and Efficient, The TRUMPF TruTool N 1000

The TRUMPF TruTool N 1000 was designed especially for use with thick sheets. It is used primarily for dismantling tanks and containers. It handles cuts over edges, weld seams and doubled sheets like no other. With the two-speed drive, you can work with a maximal sheet thickness of 10 mm at low speed. In second gear, the nibbler works through the sheet faster and can handle a material thickness of 8 mm.

Although the thick sheet nibbler weighs 14.7 kg, it is very convenient to work with, thanks to well-engineered grip ergonomics. The grip can be mounted in two different positions,allowing you to adapt to the task at hand.

Our most powerful thick sheet nibbler

  • 4 cutting directions for hard to reach jobs
  • 2-speed gearbox for the highest loads
  • Machine available as electric-version


  • Metal fitting shops/Recesses and fitting work
  • Disassembly of tanks and containers
  • Roof and fasade construction
  • Container construction
  • Car-body shops



Power NibblerTruTool N 1000 (230V)TruTool N 1000 (110V)
1st gear230 RPM190 RPM
2nd gear370 RPM330 RPM
Rated input power2000 W2000 W
Weight (electrical version: without cable, cordless version: with battery)14.7 kg14.7 kg
Max. material thickness in 1st gear
  • Steel 400 N / mm²
10 mm
  • Steel 600 N / mm²
7 mm
  • Steel 800 N / mm²
5 mm
  • Aluminium 250 N / mm²
12 mm
Max. material thickness in 2nd gear
  • Steel 400 N / mm²
8 mm
  • Steel 600 N / mm²
5 mm
  • Steel 800 N / mm²
4 mm
  • Aluminium 250 N / mm²
10 mm
Start hole diameter75 mm
Smallest radius300 mm
Accessories included
Die 10integrated
Hex head wrenchDIN 911-120067920
Hex head wrench 6mm6 mm0118860
Tube grease “S1”25 g0121486
Punch and nibble oil for steel500 ml bottle0103387
Setting gauge1411767
Additional accessories
Punch Standard(set of 2, 1264155)(set of 5, 1264156)
Punch CR(set of 2, 1264412)(set of 5, 1264413)
Die P10 for profile sheets(1 piece, 1884903)(set of 2, 1264185)
Die 55 mm1884909
Die 7 (5 – 7 mm)(1 piece, 1884905)(set of 2, 1264184)
Die 10(1 piece, 1884904)(set of 2, 1264177)
Punch guide(1 piece, 1884906)(set of 2, 1264368)
Wear plate(set of 2, 1264375)(set of 5, 1264376)
Options (accessories)
Chip bag0115215
Hanging hook0105001
Punch and nibble oil for steel500 ml bottle0103387
Punch and nibble oil for aluminum1000 ml bottle0125874
Carrying case0121585
Noise absorption for motorpneumatic0114244


Operators Manual
Spare Parts

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