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HYDMECH CNF400CNC Automatic Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH CNF400CNC Circular Saw is the top of the C-Series Cold saws, a vertical column cold saws which was made for rapid cutting of heavy wall, structural or solid steel applications. The gearbox and the saw motor are part of the cutting head which helps the C-series easily cut through to 4’’ solid metal material.

The HYDMECH CNF400CNC Metal Cold Saw is an electro pneumatic, automatic vertical column circular saw with a heavy duty gearbox that has a 3 stage transmission motor and that is directly coupled to the saw head so as to ensure high precision and rigidity in all metal cutting applications. The CNF400CNC weighs 2350 pounds and is ideal for cutting aluminum and other materials that are non-ferrous.

Standard features

  • It has a 15.75’’ blade.
  • Adjustable speed drives of 1700 or 3400 RPM’s.
  • A blade mist lubrication system that is automatically activated during the cut.
  • A control panel that is ergonomically positioned.
  • A multi-indexing shuttle-feed that has a 40’’ single stroke
  • A microprocessor control that can control up to 32 different jobs
  • It has a sawing head movement that is controlled by an electro mechanic cylinder
  • Sawing head rides that are on double linear guides for the saw’s stability
  • Hearing stress control
  • Two pneumating operation vises that are automatic and clamp material on both sides of the blade.
  • A 4.5/6.0 HP motor


Rectangular Capacity at 90° 7″ H x 4″ W
Blade Size Max: 15 3/4″
HP 4.5 / 6
Mitering 60° left and 45° right
Operation Automatic


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