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HYDMECH C370CNC Semi-Automatic Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH C370CNC Metal Cold Saw is a fully automatic vertical circular saw with several unique features. It has the ability to extend carbide blade life due to its high volume flood coolant system which not only cools the blade, but also the material during cutting operations.

The HYDMECH C370CNC metal cold saw is an automatic vertical column cold saw which has mitering capabilities from 45 degrees right to 60 degrees left. The steel cold saw also has a normal 40’’ single stroke and a multi-indexing material feed system.

The C370CNC also features a 4 3/4’’ round hollow capacity at 90 degrees, ahs a 7.5 HP motor and a 14 1/2’’ blade which makes this metal cold saw the model for quick, accurate and clean metal cutting.


  • Has a heavy duty gearbox which enables 3 stage transmission motor and that is directly coupled to the saw head so as to ensure high precision and rigidity so as to reach high chip removal rates.
  • It has a sawing head that rides on dual precision linear guides.
  • Its sawing head movement is controlled by electro mechanic cylinder which has a diagnostic feedback and an automatic adjustment.
  • Has microprocessor control which programs up to 32 different jobs, each varying in lengths and quantities.
  • Has a multi-indexing shuttle feed which has a 40’’ single stroke and is driven by servo motor with a ball screw.
  • Has a shuttle feed carriage that incorporates side movement to help one feed and center the deformed parts.
  • Has pneumatic operating vertical vise so as to cut more than one part at a time.
  • Has an enclosed steel base that has a removal chip drawer and a coolant tank.
  • Has an ergonomically positioned control panel, which includes an emergency, a programming console, a digital display for machine diagnostics alongside cutting parameters such as cut time, blade speed and cut quantity.  
  • Blade rotation is complete together with an inverter variable speed drive that ranges from 15 to 150 RPM’s which enables it to obtain the best cutting efficiency.
  • Has a wire chip brush for blade cleaning.
  • Has a short remnant feature.
  • Has one blade.

Additional features

  • Has automatic mitering.
  • Has a second pneumatic horizontal operating vise.
  • Has mist lubrication.
  • Bundle jaws
  • Has an automatic chip conveyor.
  • Has 370 mm cold saw blades.
  • Has a BL6001 automatic incline loading table.


Rectangular Capacity at 90° 7″ H x 4″ W
Blade Size Max: 14.5″
HP 7.5
Mitering 60° left and 45° right
Operation Automatic


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