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HYDMECH P225 Manual Pivot Arm Cold Saw

The HYDMECH P225 is a lightweight bench cold saw that is highly portable, which makes it ideal for moving from workstation to workstation. It’s an ideal mobile bench saw that easily enables steel cutting operations in fabrication shops or even on job site.


Features and Benefits

The HYDMECH P225 is a manual, pivot arm bench cold saw that is best suited for small shops. The miter cuts are enabled by the adjustable head that moves 45 degrees left. It has a cast iron frame that is very durable and easily cuts tubing, solids and structural shapes very fast all the while ensuring a smooth, mill-like finish. Its integral coolant system ensures there is lubrication for the blade and material during the cutting process. This is enabled by its flood coolant system with a membrane pump. It has a high quality saw construction which utilizes a bronze worm gear and a hardened ground worm screw gear box that is in an oil bath. It features a 2 1/2’’ round hollow capacity, a 9’’ blade and a 1 HP motor which enables it to perform quick, clean and accurate metal cutting. It achieves blade speeds of around 50 rpm.

Standard features

  • Has a manual saw head movement
  • Has two blade speeds: 30 and 60 rpm
  • Has a robust sawing head
  • Supports the movement of both the head and vise so as to permit lengthwise cuts or slotting
  • Has manual vise with an anti-burr clamp clamping on both sides of the cut.
  • Has a vise quick clamp and a release lever
  • Has a material stop rod to enable multiple cuts of the same length.
  • Has a flood coolant that has an electrical submersible coolant pump.
  • One blade.

Additional options

  • Has a 24’’ material stop bar
  • Has 350 mm cold saw blades
  • Has K40 roller table


Rectangular Capacity at 90° 2 1/2″ H x 2″ W
Blade Size Max: 9″
HP 1
Mitering 45° left
Operation Manual


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