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HYDMECH H-40/80 Horizontal Bandsaw

HYDMECH’s H-40/80 Horizontal Band Saw is a heavy-duty semi-automatic saw with a solid head frame and base design complimented by a powerful blade drive system. The replaceable carbide insert guides housed in two heavy duty cast iron guide arms provide a superb cut accuracy and excellent vibration dampening. This bandsaw is a reliable choice for all your heavy-duty horizontal metal cutting applications.

Features and Benefits of The HYDMECH H-40/80 Band Saw

The H-40/80  is a heavy-duty semi-automatic saw with a workload capacity of 50,000 lbs and is designed to produce accurate 90° metal cutting. The H-40/80 features a 40″H x 80″W capacity, 20 HP motor, and 3″ blade. Saw guides are automatically set hydraulically. The idler side guide arm provides proper positioning of the guide arm spacing, in relation to material width, at all times.

Its PLC control digitally displays blade speed, feed rate, head up limit position, and cut elapsed time, and time remaining. Up to 99 different jobs can be entered into the PLC memory and a job queue function allows up to 5 jobs to be picked from the memory, and run consecutively. The operator manual switches and PLC control are conveniently located on a console in the front of the machine. Components and wiring are neatly laid out and labeled for easy troubleshooting.

A hydraulically driven 3″ blade brush keeps the blade gullets clean, helping to maximize blade performance and life. An automatic hydraulic blade tensioning provides consistent automatic blade tension while allowing quick and easy blade changing.

Standard Features:

  • Extremely heavy-duty guide arms and cast iron wheels
  • Heavy-duty full stroke vises
  • Hardened and replaceable wear strips
  • Carbide guides
  • Heavy duty gearbox and motor assembly
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Easy access servicing panels
  • Wash down hose
  • Powered blade brush
  • Hydraulic guide arm positioning
  • Hydraulic blade tension
  • Hydraulic chip auger
  • Blade breakage switch
  • Readily available and easy-to-replace parts

Standard Options:

  • Variable vise pressure
  • Full capacity bundling clamps
  • Mist system
  • 5ft / 10ft idler / powered conveyers

Detailed Specifications

40″ x 80″
Blade Dimensions 43’10” x 3″
Blade Drive 20 HP
Blade Speed 45-225 SFM
Hydraulic Drive 5 HP
Coolant Tank Capacity 27 Gallons
Table Height 27″
Automatic Machine Weight 52000 lbs
Machine Dimensions (W x L x H) 255″ x 102″ x 145″

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