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HYDMECH H-230A Horizontal Bandsaw

The HYDMECH H-230A Bandsaw, a game-changer in the world of metalworking. Crafted with precision and power in mind, this robust machine offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Whether you’re tackling heavy-duty industrial projects or intricate designs, the H-230A’s advanced features and compact design make it the ideal solution. Elevate your cutting capabilities with HYDMECH’s trusted reliability and precision engineering.

Features and Benefits of The HYDMECH H-230A Band Saw

Introducing the H-230A from HYDMECH, boasting the smallest footprint among its automatic horizontal band saw counterparts. Its innovative split front vise ensures minimal burr on cut pieces, while the user-friendly controller stores up to 10 cutting jobs with 5 in queue, offering versatile cutting modes.

With a shuttle feed and high-speed material indexing capability of up to 19” in a single stroke, the H-230A delivers swift, precise cuts. Driven by a stepper motor controlled by a ball screw assembly, it guarantees efficiency and accuracy in every operation.

With a generous 9″H x 9″W capacity, powered by a robust 3 HP motor and a 1″ blade, the H-230A stands as the go-to solution for horizontal cutting applications, ensuring reliability and performance.

  • Heavy-duty cast iron saw head

  • Split front vise allows for short 2.5” remnant length

  • Cast iron shuttle features automatic multi-indexing up to 19” in a single stroke with automatic kerf compensation. Powered by ball screw and stepper motor.

  • On-demand hydraulics

  • Steel guide arms. The idler side guide arm is mechanically connected to the front vise moveable jaw for proper guide arm spacing at all times.

  • Variable vise pressure

  • 3 HP VFD. True direct blade drive – no belts/pulleys

  • Full capacity, full stroking hydraulic vises

  • Hydraulic positive down feed

  • Blade chamber separates material from cut part

  • Cast iron band wheels

  • Automatic PLC, touch screen control programmable up to 20 jobs with 5 in queue

  • Replaceable blade brush

  • Robust steel base

  • Automatic chip removal auger

  • Blade breakage switch

  • Easy access electrical panel and hydraulics

  • Designed for safety with saw-in-a-box style

  • Out of stock switch

  • Mechanical band tensioning with digital readout

  • Replaceable carbide guide inserts

  • Safety door interlocks

  • Flood coolant with wash down hose

  • Vertical rollers
  • Laser light & Work light

Detailed Specifications

Capacity Rectangular (h x w) Round
90° 9″ x 9″ 9″
Blade Size 1” x 9’ 8”
Blade Drive 3 HP VFD
Machine Voltage 480 v (all other voltages require optional transformer)
Blade Speed 50-350 SFM
Automatic Multi-Indexing 0-19″
Remnant Length 2.5” (6” with bundling)
Machine Weight 2,200 lbs.
Table Height 35”
Dimensions (w x l x h) 61” x 63” x 67”

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