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TRUMPF TruTool Power Nibblers

What is a Power Nibbler? TRUMPF metal cutting nibblers are hand held tools that can cut sheet metal and various types of thicker plate metal, including stainless steel. A nibbler has a sharp punch that moves against a fixed die to cut and remove small bits of metal, creating a kerf, as the operator guides the tool along. A power nibbler has the ability to cut thick sheet metal in any direction without distortion of the workpiece. Power Nibblers are powerful tools that are an unknown benefit to many HVAC Contractors, carpenters and those in the construction community. A powered replacement to hand snips and hand tools, power nibblers are both safer and more effective than both jigsaws and hacksaws alike.

FABTECH SOLUTIONS carries a full selection of hand held TRUMPF TruTool Power Nibblers for sale.

The Power Nibbler is an Essential Sheet Metal Tool

TRUMPF TruTool Nibblers are electric nibblers, hand held and portable, they are capable of cutting sheet metal with varying degrees of thickness. They are ideal sheet metal tools for the cutting of sheet metals, double sheets, steel plates and also weldments. Similar to using a jigsaw, an electric power nibbler is hand held and operated singly. TruTool Power Nibblers come in varying capacities but the overall cutting ability will range from 8 gauge (thick plate metals) to 18 gauge (thin sheet metals) or more.

The TRUMPF N500 Power Nibbler is often used in metal fitting shops and sheet metal processing; and also in the industries which touch on any fitting of sheet metal, in the assembly of both tanks and containers, electric power nibblers are of much importance. In the construction of roofs, hand nibblers are used to cut the sheet metal into the required shapes and sizes.

A few examples of places where power nibblers are frequently used:

  • Where metal fittings are installed in a building, power nibblers are used in the fitting work.
  • Where tanks and containers are to be disassembled.
  • In the construction of roof, siding and facade elements.
  • Used in the construction of containers.
  • Body Shops will use power nibblers frequently when assembling cars.


One of our Top Selling Power Nibblers is the TRUMPF PN 130, an exceptional Profile Nibbler that is ideal for interior cut outs. It comes equipped with a hollow round punch for complete maneuverability and full rotation in the middle of a cut. It’s an ideal Power Nibbler for cutting across edges, weld seams and double sheets. The chips are positioned to fall downwards which will allows for a clear view of the work surface.

  • 4 cutting directions, the Nibbler can be turned through 360° in 4 steps of 90°.
  • Ideal for work in hard-to-reach areas, for cuts across edges and weld seams.
  • Work without feed force and, therefore, required force is reduced to a minimum.

No matter the job TRUMPF has a solution; whether it’s speed, portability or ergonomics and noise, TRUMPF makes the job easy and…