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TRUMPF Line of Metal Cutting Shears

TRUMPF TruTools Sheet Metal Cutting Shears are hand held power tools designed to cut steel and metal; offering a great deal of flexibility and even greater versatility to fit your particular sheet metal cutting requirements. Metal sheet cutting and shearing tools are very handy and commonly used in several types of mechanical jobs; plumbing, electrical installation and fitting, building, construction and other industrial processes.

FABTECH SOLUTIONS offers a complete line of TRUMPF TruTool Metal Cutting Shears For Sale!

TRUMPF TruTool Electric Metal Shearing Tools

There are a few popular and reputable models of this unique tool in the market, but none rivals the power and specialty of the TRUMPF TruTools metal cutting tools. All TRUMPF metal cutting shears award you with exceptional maneuverability and high-quality sheet metal processing. The blades can be adjusted to fit specific needs such as required sheet thickness both while the tool is cutting and while it has been stopped. When looking for a sheet metal cutting power tool, make sure to get something sturdy and durable like TRUMPF Metal Shears; it’s the only way to ensure long tool service life and value for your money.

TRUMPF has done it’s best to anticipate the needs of industrial metal cutting power tools; with rechargeable battery operated versions and electric power cutting tools. The TruTool range of metal shearing and cutting tools are designed to get the job done. TRUMPF TruTool’s ergonomic hand held design is perfect for making precise tight metal cuts.

Our customers often use TRUMPF Metal Shears for applications such as:

  • Easy Handling with Compact Dimensions of 9.5 x 5 inches.
  • Extremely Light Weight, comfortable to use even upside down.
  • 4 Way Cutter Rotation allows for long durable service life.
  • Compact Flexible Head allows for cutting tight curves and small radii.


One of our Best Selling Metal Shears is the TRUMPF TruTool S 160, is considered one of the smallest and most agile electric metal shears. Ideal for clean cuts in the thinnest of metals, enabling you to cut radii from 0.59 in. The S 160 is also well-suited for cutting stainless steel too. The low weight of the device and the compact shearing head makes this the most flexible and versatile Trumpf Metal Shear on the market today.

  • 4 way Blade Rotation; top and bottom cutters have 4 cutting edges.
  • Compact Head Design; allows for cutting tight curves and radii.
  • Electric and Lightweight; extremely ergonomic, can be used upside down comfortably.

Wherever metal sheets need to be processed, whether in industrial machine shops or contractors and plumbers, TRUMPF Shears are being used.

FABTECH SOLUTIONS is proud to offer TRUMPF’s TruTool metal cutting shears for sale.