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TRUMPF TruTool Slitting Shears

Slitting shears are commonly used when cutting various types of spiral duct or metal pipe so as to prevent deformation of the workpiece. While also considered a shearing process, slitting differs in that the sheet metal is cut by two opposing blades. When cutting takes place, the upper blade of the sheer moves towards the fixed lower blades similar to a can opener; essentially shearing the material being processed. This provides fast, accurate cuts, long tool life span and chip free cutting with no kerf.

FABTECH SOLUTIONS provides a complete selection of TRUMPF TruTool Slitting Shears for sale.

Considering your own sheet metal or roofing project?

TRUMPF TruTool Slitting Shears provide an exceptional and efficient cutting experience, they are lightweight and portable and easily cut through many types of steel and sheet metals. The unique position of the blades and an open cutting head provide an excellent shear and allows for flexibility in cutting curves and spiral duct or pipe. The rechargeable 18V lithium-ion battery models are built for portability and power, like our bestseller, the TRUMP C160.

Among the best selling TRUMPF shears are the battery operated series, the trend toward cordless machining is becoming more popular and TRUMPF has several models and brands to meet the need. The C160 and the C250 Slitting Shear are both equipped with high powered, durable 18V batteries that have a balance of performance and run time. The special geometry of the cutting head ensures a comfortable self-feed and works at higher speeds without much effort. Low energy consumption, short charging times and the standard second battery enable continuous usage over a longer period of time. The rechargeable 2 Ah batteries can be charged to 80% within 15 minutes and 100% in 30 min.

Top 5 Reasons TRUMPF’s Slitting Shears are the best choice

  • TRUMPF uses corrugated cut guides, which, in combination with the durable knife, can reliably cut double metal sheets.
  • Quick and easy retraction of the slitting shears from the metal sheet is equally important for machining spiral pipes and duct.
  • In addition to the standard Spiro set there are five other sets that focus on cutting quality, speed, easy turns or material compatibility respectively.
  • High performance slitting shears are suitable for cutting metal sheets up to two millimetres thick.
  • High visibility status displaying battery charge is placed directly on the motor, telling the user when a recharge is needed.


Common applications of TRUMPF Slitting Shears:

  • HVAC and ventilation technology where spiral seam tubes are involved
  • In the construction of facade elements and roofing / siding and dry wall
  • In the construction and separation of CLU profiles
  • Slitting is also a key principle of plumbing activities involving cutting of pipe materials

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