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Steel Plate Beveling with Trumpf TruTool

TRUMPF bevellers are used when there is need to have a perforation mark design. These designs can take either a K, V, X OR Y shape in all bevel preparations. This not only happens to the level sheets but also applies to piping. The sizes of bevels and thickness of sheets are usually set without any tools and in a very simple way. The carrier tool is always turned in either one of the three directions defined in the processing stage. The TRUMPF beveler is the ideal and most reliable tool when it comes to sheet metal casting. Its ability to work freely by itself is thrilling, hence, the best tool for use in metal sheet design systems.

FABTECH SOLUTIONS offers a complete product selection of TRUMPF bevellers for sale.

The Advantages of a TRUMPF Beveler for Steel Fabrication Processing

An ideal example of a hand held plate beveler is the TRUMPF TKF 700. It is by all standards the lightest beveler weighing only 5.4kgs. There are no extra tools that are required to adjust the height of the bevel and the thickness of the metal sheets. Equally important, the mounting of the brackets for the angles taken up by the beveler are also incorporated. The quick release lock in this TRUMPF Beveler allows three directions which are defined for the tool carrier setting. The bevel inside lining cutout starts from 90mm of diameter and curved edges have a minimum of 40mm radius.

  • When it comes to the manufacturing of metal fabrication machinery, trumpf beveler is used in adjusting sheet thickness.
  • In sheet metal working, TRUMPF beveler casts the sheets in the required shape of the metallic elements.
TRUMPF Beveler
  • In the manufacture and the building of the ship, the TRUMPF beveler plays a key role of providing the needed perforation designs to the hard metals used.
  • In the assembly of railroad cars, the TRUMPF beveler tool is used to cast the body of the cars

Another ideal hand held TRUMPF beveler is the Trumpf TKF 1500. This tool comes with some great specifications to enhance its usage. Its automatic forward feed  plays a very strong role in the processing of straight edges, on the long metal plates with long sheets. This tool allows the user to work without any need to use muscle power. The machine is put into the metal plate sheet and then runs alone and happens to be very efficient when one keeps an eye on the beveler. The tool saves one as much energy as that of welding the edges, working at a speed of 2m per min.

No matter what beveling method is best, TRUMPF has a solution; whether it’s speed, portability or ergonomics and noise, TRUMPF makes the job easy. Contact our Sales Department today and let us help find the right tool for the job.