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BENDMAK 4-Roll Double Pinch Style Plate Rolls

Bendmak’s CY4R-HHS series provides a reliable and perfect solution for sensitive and demanding bending. It is the most rational choice for bending materials with plate thickness from 14 Gauge to 8″ thick with material widths from 20″ to 40′

Precise, Productive, and Reliable

In addition to its reliability the CY4R-HHS design increases productivity with its high rolling speed speed and can easily overcome the most difficult bends thanks to its ease of use and Double Pinch design. As the plate is always pinched tight during pre-bend, rolling and post-bending, slipping of the material is eliminated. Thus, better more accurate bends are made and more precise results are obtained.

Fewer Flat Ends in a Single Pass

With the design of the CY4R-HHS 4-Roller Hydraulic Cylinder Machines, one of the side rolls can be used as a “squaring gauge” so that the material can be easily and precisely aligned to the pinch rolls. Further, utilizing the CY4R-HHS 4 Roller Series Machine design it is possible when pre-bending and rolling, that the material can be compressed enough with the lower shaft that it is possible to obtain a full cylinder in one pass. This unique design also allows the plate to be clamped precisely between the upper and lower rolls, thus minimizing the amount of flat ends on the formed plate. Bendmak 4-Roller CNC Bending Machines with superior engineering, design and build quality will reduce operator dependency and offer a safer and more productive solution.

Bendmak CY3R-HHS 3 roller bending machines allow pre-bending on both sides without removing the sheet metal. They offer excellent feeding and control by preventing the risk of material slipping with the unique braking system.

Standard Features:

  • Conical crimping device
  • Induction hardened rolls
  • Digital display for side rolls
  • Complete steel (ST 52) welded construction machine body
  • Movable control panel separate from the machine
  • Top roll cover that opens and closes hydraulically from the control panel. When the cover is opened, the upper roll automatically lifts up.
  • Conical opening and closing via control panel
  • Central rolls (top and bottom rolls) driven by hydraulic motor and planetary reducer
  • Double speed control
  • Rolls with roller bearings
  • Electro – Hydraulic Calibration
  • Complies with CE norms

Optional Features:

  • Infinitely adjustable rotation speed
  • Overhead and side supports supporting large diameter materials
  • Material feeding table with various features
  • Interchangeable top roll (for small diameters)
  • Oil cooling system
  • Motors of different voltages and frequencies

Technical Information

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