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BENDMAK 3-Roll Double Pinch Style Plate Rolls

CY3R-HHS provides an economical and reliable solution in Pyramid Style rolling without loss of power. The CY3R-HHS series meets your needs in a wide range of plate thicknesses from  14 Gauge to 8″ and sheet widths from 20″ to 40′.

The CY3R-HHS 3-Roller Hydraulic Cylinder Bending Machines, models with an upper shaft diameter of 9″ and above, each 3 shaft is independently driven by reducer and hydraulic motor, and one hydraulic motor, reducer + gears. In models with upper shaft diameter less than 9″ side rolls are driven with one hydraulic motor, reducer + gears and the top roll is synchronized with a precision chain/gear drive system.

Bendmak CY3R-HHS 3 roller bending machines allow pre-bending on both sides without removing the sheet metal. They offer excellent feeding and control by preventing the risk of material slipping with the unique braking system.

Standard Features:

  • Conical crimping device
  • Induction hardened rolls
  • Digital display for side rolls
  • Complete steel (ST 52) welded construction machine body
  • Movable control panel separate from the machine
  • Double speed control
  • Rolls with roller bearings
  • Top roll cover that opens and closes hydraulically from the control panel. When the cover is opened, the upper roll automatically lifts up.
  • Conical opening and closing via control panel
  • In CY3R-HHS Valved Hydraulic Cylinder Bending Machines, models with an upper roll diameter of 9″ and above are driven independently by a reducer and hydraulic motor in each of the 3 rolls, and in models with an upper shaft diameter less than 9″, one hydraulic motor, reducer + gears balls are driven.and the top roll is driven by a chain gear.

Optional Features:

  • Infinitely adjustable rotation speeds
  • Center and side supports supporting large diameter materials
  • Material feeding table with various features
  • Interchangeable top roll for small diameters
  • Oil cooling system
  • Dual Voltages (220/440V)

Technical Information

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