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3 Reasons to purchase your next Piranha Ironworker

The Ironworker is an incredibly versatile machine capable of many different applications; still, it is possible to purchase the wrong ironworker. There are important considerations in the selection of an appropriate ironworker for your fabrication shop; determine the capacity, versatility and safety features available.

Let Us Find Your Next Ironworker

The versatility of the MegaFab Piranha Ironworker is a benefit that all machine shops, steel fabricators, iron works and maintenance departments will find value in. The P-90 Single Operator Ironworker is capable of shearing steel plates without distortion and can punch holes that are rounder and more concentric than a similarly drilled hole. Ease of use and design is a strong consideration as well; the Piranha Ironworker can be easily operated and is generally and extremely durable piece of metalworking machinery.

The Piranha P-60 Ironworker excels at shearing Round Bar, which can be extremely difficult with standard methods. The versatility of Piranha Ironworker Attachments is an area that continues to deliver benefits for metal fab shops. 

The integrated coper and notcher allows for shearing and notching, anything from a large notch to a small nibble, out of metal and steel plate or angle irons. All while maintaining close specifications and without burring edges or creating needless clean up.

The Dual Operator Ironworkers come with a Punching Station and a Coper/Notcher Station, both positions can be worked simultaneously. The Dual Operator PII-140 delivers the highest rated punching force available, more than capable of handling the highest production facility. These ironworkers come with all the advanced features and safety considerations that you’ve come to expect.

When it comes to hydraulic powered cutting, shearing, notching and bending metal flat bar and angle iron or punching of holes of various shapes and sizes, the MegaFab Ironworker is the top of it’s class. When using ironworker for bending applications, the machine you choose should offer an adjustable stroke control to minimize movement, decrease the number of pinch points and increase strokes per minute.

The decision to have an ironworker in your shop is an easy one; although, careful attention should be taken in choosing the features most needed. Contact our Sales Department today and let us help find the right tool for the job.