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Piranha Ironworker Model P-110

Our Price: $43,995.00

The P-110 Piranha Ironworker is incomparable in value and benefit to metal fabricators and metalworking shops. With a 110 tons of punching, bending and notching force this Piranha Ironworker will boost shop productivity. The Piranha Ironworker brand has earned the respect of metal fabricators across the nation; FABTECH SOLUTIONS is a trusted dealer and proud to carry Piranha’s line of ironworkers.

MegaFab P-110 Single Operator Ironworker

The Piranha Model P-110 Ironworker is a powerful machine capable of performing in heavy applications with ease. The P-110 has more workstations than any other ironworker in its class. This includes punching, bending, bar shear, angle shear, round bar shear, and an integrated coper/notcher. The P-110 also has a dovetail slide that allows an operator to switch from punching to bending in just a few seconds. Furthermore, the P-110 has full electrical control of its stroke with a footswitch and limit switch stroke controls. The no slug-loss shearing saves material, keeps the machine area cleaner, and offers larger material capacity than the competition. A wide variety of optional tooling is available to enhance the P-110’s capabilities.

Piranha Ironworker Standard Features:

  • Complete Punching Attachment with split dove tail mounting
  • 5 Punch and Die sets
  • Automatic Urethane Hold Down on the Punch Stripper and on Angle, Plate and Bar Shear
  • Front and rear 5 position joy stick controls (electric) with jog up & down, fast up & down, neutral
  • Remote Electric Foot Switch that can be connected at either end of the machine
  • Electric Limit Switches that can be set for stroke control when using foot control
  • Set of Round Bar Knives [2 way] (customers choice to 2)
  • Set of 16.625 Plate Shear Knives [4 way]
  • Set of 20.5″ Plate Shear Knives [4 way] (instead of Round Bar Knives and 16.625″ Plate Shear Knives)
  • Extra Blank Knife to extend shear to 20.5″
  • Set of Angle Knives [8 way top] [4 way bottom]
  • Set of Coper Knives [2 way top] [4 way bottom]
  • Chip Buckets (2 each)
  • Extra Oil Filter
  • Coupling Wrench & 3/8″ Allen Wrench
  • Integral Lifting Lug for instant portability

Detailed Specifications

Throat Depth12″Coper-Notcher (Tons)
4″ x 6″ x 3/8″
Open Height15-1/2″Bending Attachment
12″, 24″
Closed Height
w/o Die Block
10-1/4″Punch End – Strokes Per Minute
Optional Speed-Up Kit
30 @ 3/4″
41 @ 3/4″
Stroke Length5-1/4″Work Station Height
Platen Table Size (D-W)14-1/2″ x 21″Hydraulics
Pump GPM
System R/V PSI
Hole Size (Max. Material)
Max. Hole Size (Material)
110 Tons
1-7/16″ (1″)
5″ (1/4″)
Fluid Capacity (gal.)25
Plate Shear20-1/2″ Long
1″ x 12″
3/4″ x 18″
1/2″ x 20″
Motor Std. 230/460 3 Ph.
1800 RPM
Opt Phase & Voltage Available
10 HP 3 Ph.
Angle Shear6″ x 6″ x 5/8″Dimensions (Net)
W-L-H Approx.
35″ x 90″ x 66-1/2″
Bar Shear
Round (min. to max.)
Square (min. to max.)
1/2″ to 2″
1/2″ to 1-3/8″
Weight (Net)
Lbs. Approx.

Repair & Service

Operators Manual
Piranha Ironworker
Maintenance Checklist
Ironworker Preinstallation
Ironworker Parts, Filter List
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Ironworker Punch
Tonnage Chart

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