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Wellsaw Model 1318-SA Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw

The model 1318-SA is a true semi-automatic horizontal bandsaw that eliminates the time consuming operations of a manual saw while increasing safety, productivity and increasing operations. The PLC efficiently manages the strength and precision of cuts.

  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • PLC Controlled, full cycle semi-automatic operation
    The PLC controller is factory programed and manages the raise and lower functions of the saw head and the open and close functions of the vise jaw in a programmed sequence. In high volume operations this increases productivity and reduces operator fatigue and error
    Full cycle operation:
    • at the end of the cut the saw head rises to a pre-selected level
    • the vise opens
    • the operator advances the stock and presses the “Automatic” button
    • the vise closes and the saw head approaches and makes the next cut
  • Flood type wet cutting system
  • Rigid welded steel frame with precision ground bed and vise jaws
  • Infinitely variable blade speeds
  • Combination reduction gearbox and perimeter ring gear blade drive
  • Powered frame raise and air powered quick acting vise with manual screw vise control
  • Variable hydraulic feed rate control with counterbalance spring
  • Zero clearance carbide guides with rollers with pre-loaded spring
  • Rite-Tension® Blade tensioning device
  • Powered blade brush
  • Auto shut-off at end of cut
  • Flood coolant system with 8 gallons tank capacity and submersible pump
  • Overload and undervoltage protection
  • 110 Volts at controls
  • OSHA Blade guarding
  • Shown with optional Roller Conveyor installed


Cutting Capacity at 90°:
Round (H/In.)
Rectangle (H x W/In.)
13 x 18
Cutting Capacity at 45°:
Rectangle (H x W/In.)
11 x 9-1/2
Blade Speeds – Infinitely Variable (SFPM)70 – 375
Blade Size (W x THK x L/In.)1 x .035 x 150
Swivel ViseTo 45°
Blade Wheel Size – Cast Iron (Diameter/In.)15
Bed Height (In.)35
Coolant Tank Capacity (Gallons)8
Main Motor (HP)3,
230V/3 Phase/60 Hz.
Floor Area Dimensions (W x L/In.)40 x 84
Shipping Weight (Lbs.)1,120
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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