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The Piranha Press Brake WPB Large Tonnage Series single or tandem machines produce a bending force from 440 Tons to 3000 Tons. The WPB Large Tonnage Series is designed for heavy duty large applications. Piranha series includes an electro-hydraulic full loop servo system that controls the synchronization of the ram. Along with cylinders that are attached to the ram with spherical floating supports while the piston and rod is equipped with a unique guiding system to assist during unbalanced loading.

Standard Press Brake Features:

  • Single or Tandem Machines from 440 Tons to 3000 Tons of bending force
  • Available in (B) Basic and (P) Premium versions
  • Ram Repeatability .0004″
  • Delem DA-56 Control
  • Backgauge X + Manual R
  • Fiessler AKAS-LC Laser Curtain
  • 2-Manual Front Adjust Supports
  • Interlocked Side and Rear Safety Gates
  • CNC press brakes featuring an advanced design with high speed, high accuracy and excellent rigidity
  • The Piranha Integrated Hydraulic Bed Crowning is standard on all models
  • An Electro-hydraulic full loop servo system controls the synchronization of the ram
  • Dual gibbed ram structure with a self–lubrication system guarantees precise operation
  • CNC Hydraulic crowning system with a 3 piece bed design and c-frame throat deformation compensation system ensure precision bends
  • Cylinders are attached to ram with spherical floating supports and the piston and rod is equipped with a unique guiding system to assist during unbalanced loading
  • Backgauge components include: digital AC servo motors with precision bell screws and linear guide
  • Standard with 3 Piece Bed Design and the Piranha Integrated Hydraulic Bed Crowning


ModelNominal PressureLength of WorktableDistance
Opening from
Bottom of Ram
to Top of Rail
Ram Speeds
WPB 440-13440161.4126.020.112.420.52602123640263197 x 85 x 14160,000
WPB 440-16440200.8165.420.112.420.52602123640276230 x 85 x 15778,500
WPB 440-20440244.1200.820.112.420.52602123640316273 x 85 x 15895,000
WPB 550-13550161.4126.020.112.420.52362121350276197 x 87 x 15073,000
WPB 550-16550200.8165.420.112.420.52362121350316230 x 90 x 16995,000
WPB 550-20550244.1200.820.112.420.52362121350342273 x 90 x 181117,000
WPB 550-26550322.8255.920.112.420.52362121350342352 x 90 x 217168,000
WPB 700-13700161.4126.020.112.424.42362121360316197 x 96 x 162101,500
WPB 700-16700200.8165.420.112.424.42362121360316230 x 96 x 170137,000
WPB 700-20700244.1200.820.112.424.42362121360316273 x 96 x 181150,000
WPB 700-26700322.8255.920.112.424.42362121360395352 x 96 x 186187,500
WPB 890-20890244.1200.824.016.128.323621189100395273 x 118 x 201196,500
WPB 890-26890322.8255.924.016.128.323621189100474352 x 118 x 217276,000
WPB 1100-201100244.1200.824.016.128.323621189120395273 x 109 x 193225,000
WPB 1100-261100322.8255.924.016.128.323621189120526352 x 109 x 213287,000
WPB 1350-201350244.1200.824.016.128.321319165120421273 x 116 x 201243,000
WPB 1350-261350322.8255.924.016.128.321319165120553352 x 116 x 217326,500
WPB 1350-391350472.4374. x 146 x 315551,500
WPB 1800-261800322.8255.924.016.128.3165171422 x 75789352 x 130 x 268485,500
WPB 1800-391800472.4374.039.419.749.2165171422 x 75789498 x 185 x 394772,000
WPB 2200-392200472.4374.049.223.663.0165171422 x 100947498 x 185 x 394926,000
WPB 2750-392750472.4374.059.123.674.8165141182 x 100947498 x 209 x 3941,080,500
WPB 3300-393300472.4374.059.123.674.8165141182 x 1201105498 x 220 x 3941,323,000


Fabtech Solutions provides service and repair for all Piranha Precision Press Brakes. Ensuring high quality replacement parts and service resources is an essential component for prolonging the life and effectiveness of your metal fabrication equipment and machinery.

For your convenience, there are instruction and service manuals for Piranha Press Brakes included below. These manuals have been prepared for operators and maintenance personnel. It is important that all persons responsible for the care and operation of this equipment fully understand the information presented in this material. Manuals are shown for reference purposes only; please contact our Service Department with any questions or concerns.

Operators Manual

Piranha Press Brake Frame Design

Piranha Press Brake Control

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