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Piranha PlateLASER 1530: 4, 6, and 12 kW Fiber LASER

Piranha P-series PlateLASER is built for performance and productivity with a polymer granite base, linear drives, carbon fiber bridge, and a state-of-the-art CNC control. With power ranges from 4 to 12kW and high acceleration speeds, these machines offer some of the fastest cycle times in the world.


  • 60” X 120” cutting area
  • 4 kW, 6.0 kW, or 12.0 kW fiber laser power
  • Intuitive Siemens CNC control Fastest control pierce times (Rapid Pierce)
  • Polymer granite base
  • Carbon fiber bridge
  • Shuttle tables with 2 pallets
  • 12 second pallet exchanges
    • 20 second spark-to-spark times

Piranha PlateLASER machines are built in the US with reliability and economy in mind. These proven-tough machines use the best mechanical components available to ensure precision and reliability throughout their service life. This special combination of durability and cost efficiency provides maximum value for steel processors.

The Piranha PlateLASER 1530 combines the benefits of high power fiber laser cutting and linear drive positioning into a laser cutting system that can process up to 1” thick steel*. The 60” x 120” (1.5m x 3.0m) process envelop and pallet shuttle tables will process one sheet of material while loading or unloading the other.

We incorporate technology to reduce nitrogen assist gas flow when cutting with 12kW laser power. This can result in nitrogen consumption rates which are significantly less than other processes.


  • 60” x 120” (1.5m x 3.0m) process area without repositioning
  • Epoxy Granite Machine Base
    • Provides the ultimate in machine stability and precision to support high speed motion and acceleration
  • Siemens 840Dsl 5-Axis Positioning/Contouring CNC Control
  • Linear Drives – X, Y and Z-axis
    • Backlash free and wear free operation
    • 002” positioning accuracy
  • 9,055 IPM (230 meter / minute) maximum travel rate X- and Y-axis
    • 3g acceleration
  • 10,000 IPM (254 meter / minute) maximum travel rate Zaxis
  • Shuttle Table with Two (2) Pallets
    • 12 second exchange time, 20 second spark-to-spark time
  • 4kW, 6kW or 12kW IPG Laser with Chiller and Fiber Optic Beam Delivery System
    • Increased efficiency
    • Reduced operating costs
    • No laser gas requirement
    • No beam path optics or mirrors
    • No periodic service requirement
    • No special pressurization or cooling requirement
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Head, Auto Focus
    • 4kW, 6kW transmissive optics
    • 12kW reflective optics
    • World’s FASTEST controlled pierce times
    • Less than 1.5 second through 3/4″ (20 mm) steel
    • MINIMAL heat input
    • Automatic focal length adjustment
    • Automatic height regulation
    • Protective glass lens shielding
    • High pressure cutting
    • Automatic sheet location
    • Optimized head motion
    • Linear drive positioning
    • Designed specifically for cutting with fiber laser
  • Automatic Cutting Gas Control
    • Proportional Valve rated for 350 PSI for use in both low-pressure oxygen cutting and high-pressure nitrogen cutting
  • Cutting Table with zoned fume extraction system – dust collector optional
    • Removes cutting fumes and dust
    • Efficient zoning control
  • Slag and Small Parts Removal Drawers
  • Centralized Lubrication System
  • Cutting Table Lighting
  • Class 1 Enclosure
  • Remote Diagnostics
    • To allow Instant Remote Factory Service
  • Electrical Power Control for 480/3/60 power. The machine conforms to W.A. Whitney electrical design standards which are based on N.E.C., NFPA-79 and UL Standards with deviations
  • Operating and Service Manuals consisting of (1) copy of Whitney Documentation and (1) copy of Vendor Documentation. Documentation is provided in both printed and digital format.
  • Software License for all software resident on the CNC Control. The software is proprietary, and the intellectual property of W. A. Whitney Co. Prior to the commissioning of the machine tool, the user must sign a software license agreement. This is a non-transferable license that must be renewed by any and all subsequent owners of the machine tool. The value of this software license is $1,500.00, and it is included in the price of the machine.


Machine ModelPlateLASER 1530
Laser TypeIPG Fiber Laser
Laser Power4 kW, 6 kW, 12 kW
Drive TypeX-Axis – Linear Motor
Y-Axis – Linear Motor
Z-Axis – Linear Motor

Max Working Area1.55 x 3.1 meter61 x 122 inch
Max weight of processed material907 kg2,000 lb
Approx System Footprint4.4 x 10.7 meter14.4 x 35.2 ft
Z axis range150 mm6 inch
Positioning speed – X axis230 m/min9,055 IPM
Positioning speed – Y axis230 m/min9,055 IPM
Positioning speed – Z axis254 m/min10,000 IPM
Accelerations – X and Y axis22.5 m/s22.3 g
Positioning Accuracy – X & Y0.02 +/- mm0.001 +/- inch
Repeatability – X & Y0.02 +/- mm0.001 +/- inch
Repeatability – Y10.05 +/- mm0.002 +/- inch
Repeatability0.05 +/- mm0.002 +/- inch


4 kW Sheet Thickness

Carbon steel20mm0.750Inch
Stainless steel /N220mm0.750Inch

6 kW Sheet Thickness

Carbon steel25mm1.000Inch
Stainless steel /N225mm1.000Inch

12 kW Sheet Thickness

Carbon steel25mm1.000Inch
Stainless steel /N225mm1.000Inch

*NOTE: When cutting at or near the maximum material thickness for each process, it may be necessary to compensate for variations in material chemistry, surface condition, and thickness deviation from lot to lot. Some situations may require the use of laser-grade materials.


(Mild Steel Cutting)
99.95%40 ~ 350 scfh @ 140 PSI
19 ~ 165 L/min @ 9.5 Bar
(Stainless, Aluminum Cutting)
99.8%320 ~ 5000 scfh @ 450 PSI
150 ~ 2360 L/min @ 30 Bar

NOTE: Customer shall install and utilize bulk liquid and bulk liquid nitrogen storage tanks. Using portable tanks for O2 or N2 will create additional chances of contamination entering the gas supply lines and the cutting head due to frequent tank changes. Contamination will cause cutting head lens failure and thus cause machine down time and additional operating expense.

Oxygen (Mild Steel Cutting)

    • Purity: 99.95% minimum
    • Consumption: up to 470 L/min (16.6 SCFM) at 13.8 Bar (200 psi)

Nitrogen (Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Mild Steel Sheet Metal)

    • Purity: 99.99% minimum
    • Consumption: up to 1,400 L/min (50 SCFM) at 20 Bar (300 PSI)
      • (Maximum static pressure 27 Bar (400 PSI)



The PlatePARTNER™ SEMI-AUTOMATIC LOADING SYSTEM is used to move a plate of raw material from a stack and place it onto the pallet table in preparation for a production cycle. The estimated cycle time of 60 seconds eliminates the need for secondary overhead cranes, fork lift trucks, or assistants during the material loading sequence.

Description of Operation

  1. Semi-Automatic operation is initiated by the operator at the control station.
  2. The PlatePARTNER™ vacuum platen lowers until it reaches the top of the material stack.
  3. Vacuum turns on.
  4. When the vacuum level is sufficient, the vacuum platen raises to the up position
  5. The arm swings clockwise toward the machine until the vacuum platen is above the pallet table.
  6. The vacuum platen lowers until the material is on top of the table.
  7. The vacuum turns off and releases the material.
  8. The vacuum platen raises to the up position.
  9. The crane arm swings counter clockwise away from the machine until it is above the material stack.
  10. The operator pushes the material against the locating stops.
  11. The operator clears the safety interlocks and presses cycle start to begin the automatic cycle.

PlatePARTNER Specifications

Material Thickness   
 Minimum0.060″1.5 mm
 Maximum0.500″12.5 mm
Width x Length   
 Minimum48″ x 60″1250 x 1500 mm
 Maximum60″ x 120″1500 x 3000 mm
Plate Weight   
 Maximum1000 lbs.450 kg
Stack Distance from Floor   
 Minimum34.75″880 mm
 Maximum42.50″1080 mm


  • For plates longer than 120″ (3000 mm), please consult the factory.
  • The material table is not included. The table must be constructed so as to eliminate any gaps between itself and the in feed (right hand) table.


The POP-UP BALL TRANSFER SHEET LOADING ASSIST SYSTEM is designed to allow material to be easily moved to the material reference stops. Ball transfers will raise to a location above the pallet slats. Once the operator locates the work piece against the stops, the ball transfers will retract so that the work piece rests directly on the slats, in the correct zero location. The system is located below the outside pallet and will work with either pallet in the pallet load location.


The AUTOMATIC NOZZLE CHANGER includes 6 different nozzle stations. The desired nozzle is selected through the CNC part program. An automatic nozzle calibration procedure is executed after changing the nozzle.


The dust collector (manufactured by Donaldson) includes a 7.5 HP blower and (9) high temperature filters and integrated spark trap.


Piranha recommends an optics servicing area to be located away from manufacturing areas. This area must have minimum air movement and a dust free environment. For best results, we recommend purchase of a laminar flow box to be located in an office area

NOTE: Optics contamination is the leading cause of premature cutting head failure. It is extremely important that optics (e.g. cover slides) are cleaned prior to use. This cleaning must be done in a clean environment. This area will also be used for on-site cutting head maintenance (to be done by our technicians).


Oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) are the most common assist gases used when cutting metals with a fiber laser. Air is a combination of both O2 (21%) and N2 (78%), small amounts of argon and carbon dioxide, and trace amounts of other gases and water vapor.

Air cutting provides many of the benefits of N2 cutting along with increased cutting speeds in thicknesses 10ga (0.135”) and thinner and significantly lower cutting gas costs.

Air used in laser cutting must be available with the correct purity, dryness, pressure, and flow. Typical shop air compressor systems are unable to deliver the air quality and performance necessary. A dedicated air compressor system is required.


Air Flow Rate1,800 SCFH
Delivery Pressure204 PSIG
Air Compressor20 HP
  • Fixed speed rotary screw air compressor
  • Compressed air tank
  • Compressed air filtration assembly
  • Membrane dryer
Recommended ForL series
M series
PlateLASER series


Air Flow Rate3,000 SCFH
Delivery Pressure204 PSIG
Air Compressor25 HP Ozen Compressor
  • Fixed speed rotary screw air compressor
  • Compressed air tank
  • Compressed air filtration assembly
  • Membrane dryer
Recommended ForL series
M series
PlateLASER series
OptionsUpgrade to Kaeser Compressor
Annual Filter Maintenance Kit

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